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Jan 21, 2002
Japan Network Information Center

Distribution of Multilingual Domain Name tool Kit version 2.2.3 release started.

JPNIC started distribution of "Multilingual Domain Name tool Kit (mDNkit)" version 2.2.3 release on 21 Jan 2002. Refer to the following URL.

Technical overview of Multilingual Domain Name:

The mDNkit-2.X complies to the most recent discussions and proposals at IETF IDN WG. Therefore, mDNkit-2.X is not completely backward compatible with mDNkit-1.X releases.

The following is a list of principal changes from mDNkit-2.1.

  1. Changing feature (including adding and removing).
    • NAMEPREP-05, -06 are supported.
    • To support NAMEPREP-02, -04 is abolished.
    • AMC-ACE-Z is supported.
    • Unless specify --enable-extra-ace option of configure script, the ACEs except for AMC-ACE-Z, RACE, DUDE cannot be used.
    • Alternate encoding is abolished because need not specify. (according to IDNA-02)
    • -e option for runmdn is createed to specify a local encoding.
    • --with-libiconv option for configure script is added to ease to link installed GNU libiconv to mDNkit.
    • If the environment valiable MDN_DISABLE is defined on startup, even if BIND 9 patch for dig, nslookup, and host command is applyed, they run as same as original BIND 9. (disable extended features for IDN)
  2. Bugfix
    • The problem about compiling with glibc-2.2 later (ex. Red Hat 7.0 etc..) is solved.
    • The problem about detection of prohibit characters in NAMEPREP is fixed.
    • The problem that runmdn does not run correctly on NetBSD-1.5 later is fixed.
  3. Portability
    • BIND 9 patch supports BIND 9.1.3 and BIND 9.2.0.
    • Supporting Tru64 is improved.
  4. Others
    • --enable-debug option for configure script is added to enable codes for debug.
    • The nslookup script for test for IDN (mdnslookup) is included in tools/mdnconv directory. However this script is not installed by make install.
    • Logs of mdnsproxy are improved.
    • Error messages of mdnconv are improved.

Please send bug reports and comments to the following addresses:

Bug reports:

We have established a mailing list for the exchange of information among users of the mDNkit and the Japanese domain name test environment.

Mailing list:
How to join ML:
Refer to the following URL. (Japanese Only)

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