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Feb 22, 2002
Japan Network Information Center

Distribution of Multilingual Domain Name tool Kit version 2.3.1 release started.

JPNIC started distribution of "Multilingual Domain Name tool Kit (mDNkit)" version 2.3.1 release on 22 Feb 2002. Refer to the following URL.

Technical overview of Multilingual Domain Name:

The following is a list of principal changes from mDNkit-2.2.3.

  • NAMEPREP-07 is supported.
  • "Punycode" which is a proper name of AMC-ACE-Z is recognized. Based on this, --with-amc-ace-z-prefix which is one of configure options is abolished, and --with-punycode-prefix is added.
  • libmdnlite is added. libmdnlite is a light weight resolver which fixes local encoding which APIs of libmdn treat to UTF-8, omits local encoding conversion feature, and don't depend on iconv library.
  • libmdn (libmdnlite) become to recognize the environment variable MDN_DISABLE. Consequently, on applications which use libmdn (libmdnlite), IDN feature become null.
  • A patch file for BIND 8.3.1 is added.
  • In BIND 9 patch, correct to link libmdn to binary files other than dig, host, nslookup.

Please send bug reports and comments to the following addresses:

Bug reports:

We have established a mailing list for the exchange of information among users of the mDNkit and the Japanese domain name test environment.

Mailing list:
How to join ML:
Refer to the following URL. (Japanese Only)

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