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Sep 27, 2002
Japan Network Information Center

Distribution of Internationalized Domain Name tool Kit (idnkit) version 1.0 Preview Release 1 is started.

JPNIC started distribution of "Internationalized Domain Name tool Kit (idnkit)" version 1.0 Preview Release on 27 Sep 2002. Refer to the following URL.

Internationalized Domain Names:

abount idnkit

The idnkit is a toolkit which provides IDN (Internationalized Domain Name -- standardization is work in progress in IETF) handling functions based on the final IDN proposals. Such as;

  • character encoding converter which is useful for IDN based multilingual domain name site operators.
  • API (C library) for IDN compliant application developers.
  • and so on.

The idnkit is a successor of mDNkit that was developed and distributed by JPNIC, and changed the name to denote IDN standard conformity. Former mDNkit had an evaluation tool aspect, so it required preparation of complex configuration file. On the other hand, idnkit defines default behaviour according to IDN standard, so it does not require preparation of configuration file. The feature will ease installation of idnkit itself and IDN compliant application using idnkit.

changes from mDNkit

For the detail of changes, please refer to the "NEWS" file included in idnkit-1.0pr1-src.


Please send bug reports and comments to the following addresses:

Bug reports:

We have established a mailing list for the exchange of information among users of the idnkit/mDNkit and the Japanese domain name test environment.

Mailing list:
How to join ML:
Refer to the following URL. (Japanese Only)http://www.nic.ad.jp/ja/profile/ml.html#mdn

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