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March 18, 2005

Changes in WHOIS query service in Japan

JPRS and JPNIC will run WHOIS servers separately from 22 March, 2005, aiming to clarify the management of information registered in WHOIS, such as information on .JP domain name, IP address and ASN. This separation of services will be executed around the same time as the enforcement of Personal Data Protection Law.

After the separation, JPRS WHOIS will solely provide .JP domain name related information, and IP address and ASN related information will be provided solely by JPNIC WHOIS.

WHOIS server for .JP domain name related queries

JPRS continues to provide the query service of .JP domain name related information on JPRS WHOIS server.

JPRS WHOIS Gateway(Web)
Command line
% whois -h whois.jprs.jp [.JP domain name]

WHOIS server for IP address and ASN related queries

The query service for IP address and ASN related information continues to be available on JPNIC WHOIS. However, please note that JPNIC will no longer provide the WHOIS service for .JP domain name related information on its server.

JPNIC WHOIS Gateway (Web)
Command line
% whois -h whois.nic.ad.jp [IP address]

Shared WHOIS Gateway

The shared WHOIS gateway is jointly operated by JPRS and JPNIC to provide a common interface for queries on .JP domain names as well as IP address and ANS related information. It sorts the queries by the type of requested information and forwards them to an appropriate WHOIS server out of JPRS WHOIS and JPNIC WHOIS.

Shared WHOIS Gateway (Web)
Command line
% whois -h whois.jp [.JP domain name or IP address]


JPRS : info@jprs.jp
JPNIC : ip-service@nir.nic.ad.jp

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