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March 23, 2005

Change of DNS Server Configuration for Reverse lookup

The reverse lookup service provided by "c.dns.jp" will be terminated. JPNIC provides reverse lookup service for the IPv4 addresses delegated by APNIC/IANA, and "c.dns.jp" has been one of its six DNS servers. In spite of the termination of this server, JPNIC would maintain the service level.

JPNIC is responsible for operating the DNS servers providing the reverse lookup service, making it possible to be looked up from all over the world. JPNIC has operated the DNS servers to ensure high performance, reliability, and stability in cooperation with the secondary name server operators. While JPNIC has managed to respond to the growing number of DNS queries, which the Internet growth has resulted in, recently deployed the DNS servers dispersed geographically as well as network topologically, and introduced Anycast technology to further enhance its reliability.

JPNIC would make an ongoing effort to improve stability and reliability of the reverse lookup service through examining and carrying out appropriate deployment and configuration of the servers, while keeping the flexibility of the service to respond to changing demand, such as implementation of IPv6.

This change will also affect the forward lookup service for .JP domain name, as the service is provided through the same servers as the reverse lookup service. Please refer to the following JPRS site for details:

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