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June 30, 2008

KRNIC of NIDA and JPNIC signed an MoU on mutual co-operation

On 30th June, NIDA (National Internet Development Agency of Korea) and JPNIC (Japan Network Information Center) signed an MoU for continued co-operation as NIRs* in the Asia Pacific region.

The Parties agree to jointly identify cooperation in the following areas:

  • Cooperate and exchange information about role, function and operationas NIR
  • Study on IPv4 exhaustion and its measure such as IPv6 deployment
  • Survey on LIR's IPv6 deployment status and issues

NIDA and JPNIC will continue its co-operation to contribute to the Internet development in their respective economies as well as the Asia Pacific region.

A PDF version of the document is available at:

About NIDA

* NIR = National Internet Registry Internet Registries that distribute and manage Number Resources on national basis.

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