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September 1, 2008

TWNIC, IPv6 Promotion Council and JPNIC signed an MoU on mutual co-operation

On 1st Sep, TWNIC(Taiwan Network Information Center), IPv6 Promotion Council and JPNIC(Japan Network Information Center) signed an MoU for continued co-operation in the areas of the evolution of IPv6 and in preparation for a smooth process of IPv4 address depletion.

The Parties agree to jointly identify cooperation in the following areas:

Strategy and policy

  • Outlook on the demand for new IPv6 telecommunication services
  • Compare and contract the IPv6 strategies in Taiwan and in Japan
  • IPv6 Policies of the Governments in the trend of integration and competition.
  • Mutual contribution in the respective internal IPv6 trials and deployment with the relevant authorities and associated IPv6 projects

Evolution toward IPv6

  • Architecture (services, requirements, evolution strategy, etc.)
  • Transition (economic & technical factors, steps, etc.)
  • IPv6 & Wireless technology solutions: 3G, 3.5, LTE, (access network, applications)
  • IPv6 in the main sectors: Transportation, Health, environment, Public Safety
  • IPv6 & Wireless sensors networks: development, use cases and business models

Smooth process of IPv4 address depletion

  • Address policies around the IPv4 address depletion and other processes in the Internet Registries
  • Promotion and Increasing the awareness
  • Technologies for maintaining the communication between existing IPv4 users and emerging users who do not have an IPv4 global address any longer
  • In-country strategy for deploying the countermeasures in operators, vendors and other stakeholders

A PDF version of the document is available at:

About IPv6 Promotion Council

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