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9th June 2014
Japan Network Information Center(JPNIC)

JPNIC Publishes a Report on Measures for Name Collision and Widely Conducts Outreach

ICANN started delegation of over 1,300 new gTLDs since October 2013. As these numerous TLDs come into use, it is pointed out that potential security risk, known as "Name Collision" in DNS may occur, which could affect a wide range of users on the Internet, including general endusers.

To address this issue, JPNIC established "Expert Team on reviewing risks and developing countermeasures on introduction of large scale new gTLDs". We have been working with the Expert Team to consider this issue and to prepare for raising awareness and outreach in Japan. We are pleased to announce the completion of the Report by the Expert Team as well as launch of a Web site where you can find information of measures for each target group.

Name Collision is a state of confusion caused on the Internet by collisions of internal names used inside an organization such as internal servers and searchlists, and domain names on global public DNS, which may lead to unintentional leakage of internal communications to the public DNS, or vice versa.

Even for strings which have not been used as TLDs in the past, its risk of Name Collision with internal names has drastically increased with addition of over 1,300 TLDs.

JPNIC continues working in Japan on promotion of measures for this problem for stability of the global Internet.

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