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21st May 2020
Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)

Service outage: ROAWeb and RPKI repository (resolved)

ROAWeb and RPKI repository service had been outage from before midnight on May 15th to around 10 am on May 16th (UTC+9) due to a hardware failure. The services have been recovered currently. We sincerely apologize for your inconvenience.

Affected services

  • ROAWeb - https://rpki.nic.ad.jp/ --- A hostmaster's client certificate required
    Users could not access to ROAWeb, create or delete their ROA.
  • RPKI repository - rpki-repository.nic.ad.jp
    Resource certificates, ROA, and other files could not be downloaded.

All ROA had no changes during the service suspended period. No validation results using downloaded ROA, effected because the resource certificate's expiration date nor CRL's nextUpdate value (expected updating time) were not exceeded.

Date/Time of outage

From 23:29 May 15th (Fri) to 10:01 May 16th (Sat) UTC+9


Power outage due to hardware problems.



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