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26 June 2024

Japan Network Information Center

JPNIC endorses a statement for Global Digital Compact (Rev. 1) made by a Technical Community Coalition for Multistakeholderism

On June 21, 2024, the United Nations held the second stakeholder consultation session on the Global Digital Compact (GDC) Rev. 1.

During the session, a statement was submitted by the Technical Community Coalition for Multistakeholderism (TCCM), which includes organizations from the Internet technical community. 19 organizations, including JPNIC, have signed the submitted opinions. A summary of the statement is provided as follows:

  • Emphasizes the importance of multistakeholder Internet governance
  • Expresses support for the first revision (Rev. 1) of the GDC, including strengthening the reference to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) architecture as the main focus of the "Follow-up and Implementation" chapter, reducing duplication of forums in the "Internet Governance" section, and commitments to support the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
  • Suggests strengthening the role of the IGF in preparation for the WSIS+20 Review next year (2025)
  • Emphasizes that all stakeholders, not just member states, need to participate equally to achieve the goals of the GDC
  • Suggests adjusting the schedule of stakeholder consultations to allow non-governmental stakeholders sufficient time to consider the new draft, and enabling broad engagement through various methods

The full text of the submission can be viewed below:

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