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9. JPNIC Lists of Names Japanese Page

9.2 Working Groups

(JPNIC secretariat)

1. Names, Duties and Compositions of FY 1999 JPNIC Working Groups

Abbreviation: DOM-WG
English Name: JP Domain Name Registration Working Group
Duties: JExamination of JP domain name structure, formulations of regulations, etc.
Formulation of international coordination policies regarding domain name registration activities
Surveys and research regarding domain names and intellectual property rights
Individual investigations and opinions regarding domain name registration activities
Member: Chair: Hiroaki Takada
Vice Chairs: Takao Kawakita, Motoo Kawasaki
Abbreviation: IP+AS WG
English Name: Internet Protocol Address and AS Number Assignment Working Group
Duties: Examination of allocation rules for IP addresses and AS numbers, support of member network to which activities have been delegated, and technical education activities regarding the use of IP addresses
Member: Chair: Takashi Arano
Vice Chairs: Yoshihiro Obata, Akinori Maemura, Ichiro Mizukosshi
Abbreviation: DB+DNS WG
English Name: Databases Management Working Group
Duties: Examination of the method of management for JPNIC Database
(Processing of new & revised registrations, data maintenance & management, mirroring of information to InterNIC / APNIC, WHOIS server settings / management / development, surveys and experiments regarding RWHOIS and other new protocols)
Member: Chair: Toru Okuyama
Vice Chairs: Hideyo Imazu , Masahide Obayashi, Kazushi hayashi
Abbreviation: IS-WG
English Name: Information Service Working Group
Duties: JPNIC publicity activities and collection & provision of various information
Member: Chair: Takayuki Fujino
Vice Chairs: Takuya Tanimura, Yoshito Yamamoto
Abbreviation: EDU-WG
English Name: Education Working Group
Duties: Lectures regarding methods and techniques for using computer networks, staging of seminars & symposiums aimed at the promotion & development of computer networks
Member: Chair: Osamu Urata
Vice Chair: Masahide Obayashi
Abbreviation: Plan/Intl-WG
English Name: Planning International Liaison Working Group
Duties: Examination and preparation of proposals regarding the role JPNIC should play, based on the views of JPNIC members, and internal & external trends
Member: Chair: Syuichi Tashiro
Vice Chair: Susumu Sano
Abbreviation: RESEARCH-WG
English Name: Research Working Group
Duties: Surveys and research regarding the way computer networks should be Support for technical R&D activities necessary to the development of computer networks
Member: Chair: Akihiro Shirahasi
Vice Chair: Takayuki Fjino

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