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4.0 JPNIC Steering Committee Report Japanese Page

The Steering Committee is responsible for reporting on the activities of the secretariat and working groups, for examining and approving details of projects to be handled by working groups, and for discussing any problems.

The Steering Committee meets each month in the JPNIC secretariat conference room. Please refer to the following URL for a detailed schedule:


It is also possible to observe discussions on the public agenda. Please contact the JPNIC secretariat (secretariat@nic.ad.jp) for details.

Below is a summary of a number of discussions and resolutions made at the 27rd, 28th, 29th, and 30th Steering Committee Meetings.

Regarding the IPv6 Address Allocation Service Window

As APNIC has initiated its IPv6 address allocation service, JPNIC has reviewed within the IP Address and AS Number Assignment Working Group: ways of becoming involved in such allocation. The decision has been made that JPNIC should be involved as an agent for IPv6 address applications.

In line with the above arrangement, the IP Address and AS Number Assignment Working Group will be devising specific methods of accepting applications and pricing structures.

Progress will be reported periodically to the Steering Committee.

About Internet Week lecture notes

As a part of its Internet educational activities, JPNIC has been working on the creation of "lecture notes" that provide an easy-to-understand summary of the tutorial sessions held during Internet Week. The purpose of the lecture notes is to make network-related technologies, and the latest trends thereof, widely available on JPNIC web pages, and to encourage understanding of the contents of tutorial sessions by those people who were unable to participate in Internet Week.

For those reasons, provision of the lecture notes was approved again this year. Restrictions on the use of lecture notes on JPNIC Web site were also actively discussed, and a proposal was made that more positive use of the notes should be expected as long as it is for educational purposes. The final outcome was that the use of lecture notes for educational purposes (except for commercial purposes) will be permitted as needed.

For details of Internet Week 99, please refer to Section 3.9.

About iDNS

It was reported in the previous issue that JPNIC has organized a Task Force to catch up development and trends of iDNS, an internationalized and multilingual DNS system. As a part of the Task Force's activities, a session on issue was held at Aizu University from September 20 to 24.

For more information about iDNS Task Force activities, please refer to Section 3.6.

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