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4. JPNIC Information Japanese Page

4.1 The 8th General Meeting Flash Report

The 8th General Meeting of Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) was convened in the 9th-floor Heian-no-Ma Room of Japan Education Hall on Wednesday, March 22, 2000. There were two items on the agenda for the meeting: Approval of the Fiscal Year 2000 Business Plan, and Approval of the Fiscal Year 2000 Budget Plan.

The meeting began by Secretary General Higashida reporting that a quorum had been met with 155 members in attendance (379 votes), including the Chairman's delegated attendance, whereupon the meeting was declared formally open. Election of the Chairman followed. By unanimous endorsement of all regular members in attendance, Jun Murai was elected to the Chair. Subsequently, the nomination of Nobuo Sakata and Yoshifumi Kato as signers of the Minutes of the General Meeting was approved.

Because the items on the agenda for the meeting were interrelated, comprehensive explanations were offered, whereupon each of the proposed items was approved.

The first item on the agenda, the Fiscal Year 2000 Business Plan, was presented by Sano, Chair of the Steering Committee. The second item on the agenda, proposing approval of the Fiscal Year 2000 Budget Plan, was presented by Secretary General Higashida and two members of the JPNIC Secretariat, with the use of printed materials. Both items were unanimously approved as originally proposed.

The materials distributed at the meeting included the following, which can be accessed through the following URL:

http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/materials/general-meeting/(Japanese only)

Exhibit 1. Draft of Fiscal Year 2000 Business Plan.

Exhibit 2-1. Explanatory Materials for the Fiscal Year 2000 Budget Plan.

Exhibit 2-2. Revenue Prospects for Fiscal Year 1999 and Fiscal Year 2000.

Exhibit 2-3. Income and Expenditure Budget for Fiscal Year 2000.

Following the General Assembly, lectures were given on the following four topics:
(1) "APRICOT2000 Report," by Masanori Maemura (Vice Chair, IP Address and AS Number Assignment Working Group);
(2) "Private Information in WHOIS," by Takaharu Ui (Development Section, JPNIC Services Department);
(3) "ICANN's Latest Trends," by Makiko Matsumaru (Services Section I, JPNIC Services Department); and
(4) "Domain Name Multi-lingualization: Current Situation and Problems to Address," by Susumu Sano (JPNIC Trustee, Chair of the Steering Committee)

The materials used at or concerning the above lectures will be made public through the following URL:http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/materials/general-meeting/20000322/ (Japanese only)

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