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2.The 9th General Meeting Report Japanese Page

The 9th General Meeting of Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) was convened in the Yukyu Banquet Hall, on the second floor of the Hotel Edmont, on Friday, May 12, 2000. On the agenda were three items: (1) Approval of the proposed fiscal 1999 business report, (2) Approval of the proposed fiscal 1999 Financial Report, and (3) election of the Trustees.

At the beginning of the session, Secretary General Higashida reported that, with 211 members (representing 579 votes) present (including the Chairman's proxy), a quorum had been achieved, whereupon the meeting was declared formally open. Proceeding to election of the Chairman, Jun Murai was elected to the Chair with the unanimous consent of all regular members present. Next, the nomination of Yoshifumi Kato and Toshihiro Tsubo as signers of the Minutes of the Meeting was approved.

The first item on the agenda, the proposed fiscal 1999 business report, was presented and explained by Susumu Sano, the Chair of the Steering Committee. The item was approved as proposed by unanimous consent.

The second item on the agenda, approval of the proposed fiscal 1999 Financial Report, was presented and explained by the Finance and Accounting Section of the General Affairs Department, the Secretariat. The item was approved as proposed by unanimous consent.

With regards to the third item on agenda, election of Trustees, the General Affairs Department of the Secretariat introduced the candidates. This was followed by a questions and answers session, as follows:

Question: Why are many of the candidates for Trustees so conspicuously absent from the General Meeting?
Answer: In the selection of Trustees, much consideration is given to the candidates' past activities, and all selected as candidates have a high attendance rate for regular activities. Generally, the Board Meeting and General Meeting schedules are finalized after coordinating the Trustees' schedules. This time, however, priority was given to the availability of the date and the meeting site, and to my regret some of the candidates were unable to attend the meeting. Some are currently overseas on business trips, but are also taking time to engage in JPNIC activities.
Question: I have a impression that Trustee candidates noticeably tend to be from Tokyo, and are employees of major corporations.
Answer: We are aware of the importance of regional Internet activities. Because Board Meetings are held in Tokyo, we somehow ended up with the current set of Trustee. Candidate Eisuke Hayashi has been recommended as a representative among cross-regional ISPs, thus I believe that the concern you voiced is reflected.

After each question and answer was understood by the attendants, a vote was taken. Votes were counted in the presence of scrutineers. As a result, 20 Trustees and two Auditors were elected, all having won the confidence of the majority of regular members in attendance, who have voting rights.

The Materials distributed at the meeting included the following, which can be found at: http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/materials/general-meeting/20000512/ (Japanese Only)


1: Proposed Fiscal1999 Business Report Materials
2: Proposed Fiscal 1999 Financial Report Materials
3-1: List of Trustee Candidates Materials
3-2: Profiles of Trustee Candidates Materials
3-3: List of Persons Making Recommendations

Following the General Meeting, lectures were given on the following topics: "ICANN-related Information," by Yumi Ohashi, Secretariat; "New JP Domain Names," by Susumu Sano, dotJP Task Force member; "Multilingual Domain Names," by Rie Iwatani, Secretariat. Materials used at these lectures can be found at:
http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/materials/symposium/ (Japanese Only)

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