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2. Report on the 10th General Meeting (Extraordinary General Meeting) of the Japan Network Information Center Japanese Page

The 10th General Meeting of the Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) was held at Josui Kaikan on Friday, November 2, 2000.

On the agenda were two items:

  • Special Trustee election to fill a vacancy
  • Approval of the plan to transfer JP domain name registration operationsto a private company

Tetsuo Watanabe, Director of General Affairs, began by announcing that there was a quorum, with 302 members (representing 753 votes) present (including the Chairman's proxy), whereupon the meeting was formally declared open.

Proceeding to election of the Chairman, Jun Murai was elected to the Chair with the unanimous consent of all regular members present. Next, the nominations of Nobuo Sakata and Toshihiro Tsubo as signers of the Minutes of the Meeting was approved.

The first item on the agenda, a Special Trustee Election, was brought to the General Meeting according to Article 12 and Article 14, Section 2 of the Articles of Association, and Article 4, Section 2 of the Detailed Rules regarding Methods of Electing Trustees.

As there were no recommendations for opposing candidates submitted by the due date, a confidence vote was taken for candidate Mr. Tsutomu Tashiro, who had been nominated by the Board of Trustees. As there was a majority of Confidence Votes, Mr. Tsutomu Tashiro was elected as a new Trustee.

Voting Results

Confidence Votes: 747 (including 393 proxy votes by the Board)
Non-confidence Votes: 50
Invalid votes: 13

The second item on the agenda, approval of the plan to transfer JP domain name registration operations to a private company, was explained by Trustee, Susumu Sano, based on Document 2. After a question and answer session, there was a motion requesting continuing discussion of this item, but the majority voted against this motion.

Voting Results

For: 341
Against: 491 (including 393 proxy votes by the Board)
Abstention: 13

Even though the motion was voted down, the Chairman's proposal that the vote not be made official was unanimously approved. The primary reasons for postponement of the vote are as follows:

  • Many members asked a great number of questions and made comments regarding this issue.
  • It was felt that there was not sufficient explanation given, especially regarding the structure and system of the newly formed private company, membership fees after the transfer, and sharing of the costs under the new fee system.
  • A common complaint was that not enough information was made available in advance by JPNIC to its members.

In order to obtain the opinions of as many members as possible, the length of the General Meeting was greatly extended.

There were many questions and answers, and opinions were actively exchanged. Based on the outcome, the discussion was carried over to the next extraordinary General Meeting.

Documents distributed at the General Meeting are listed below.

These documents can be referenced at:


  • Document 1: Recommended Trustee
  • Document 2: Plan (draft) for the transfer of the JP Domain Name Registration Operations to a Private Company.

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