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4. JPNIC Information Japanese Page

4-2 Preliminary Notice for Change in Domain Name Web Site

Aiming For an Easier-to-Understand Web Page

Regrettably, the current JPNIC Web site is not always easy to understand. We often hear complaints that users can not find neccessary information. In order to solve this problem, we are working on improving the Web pages, although this is not yet complete.

Currently, we are working on those pages that concern domain names. Domain names administered by JPNIC have a pre-allocated second-level domain, depending on the nature of the applicant, such as organizations or individuals. Registration requires a great number of documents in order to be compliant with the "one domain per organization" principle. This is making it difficult for general users to understand.

As you may already know, JPNIC will introduce the "General-use JP Domain Name," in addition to the existing domain names.

The "one domain per organization" principle will be abolished, and anyone who resides in Japan can acquire as many domain names as he or she wishes.

Concurrently, the distinction of a second-level domain determined by type of organization will be abolished. It will be possible to set up the second level domain freely. These situations lead us to conclude that we should also state more clearly the method of applying for an existing domain name.

Rebirth of the Domain Name Web Page

As we are still working on the revisions, we cannot provide final information as to how exactly what changes will be made. We can say, however, that we are focusing on "an easier and quicker application" as a goal. We also aim at making it easy for a user to know where to look, when they have certain items of interest such as "want to know about domain names" or "want to acquire a domain name."

In order to achieve these objectives, we are working on graphic representations of the application process and systems that provide an easier search method for existing domain names. Furthermore, if a search result shows that no one has registered a domain name, the user can send an application by simply copy-and-pasting the search results, and then E-mailing. This would reduce the time and mistakes that may occur when search results are handwritten or retyped.

In order to achieve these objectives, we are reviewing the grouping of items and planning to adopt a simple and easy-to-understand design.

We can assure you that the new pages will be much different from the current ones.

Not all browsers will display the pages in the same way, but the minimum necessary information should be accessible from any kind of browsers.

In addition, as general use JP domain names will be have a much different framework from that of the current domain names, we will create special pages.

We will change the design in addition to the function so that users can tell they are "the same JP domain names, but just a bit different."

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