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5-4 Announcement Regarding Internet Week 2000

(Public Relations and Education Working Group)


Internet Week 2000 will be held at the Osaka International Convention Center (Nakanoshima, Osaka City) from December 18 (Mon.) to 21 (Thu.), 2000. An outline of the event follows.

What is Internet Week?

As we have done in JPNIC newsletters of previous years, we would like to roughly outline Internet Week here. Internet Week is an event for people engaged in research and development, implementation, and exploitation of technologies associated with the Internet. A variety of intensive Internet-related meetings are held to discuss and understand issues and seek solutions.

Internet Week was formally a conference referred to as an IP Meeting, and consisted of approximately forty members. As the Internet has become more widely used, the conference has expanded, so that many organizations can congregate to hold a variety of seminars and sessions.

Programs and Features of Internet Week 2000

The program will be similar to those of previous years, consisting of tutorials (technological lectures), main programs (including seminars organized by participating parties), BOFs (presentations on interesting themes), and solution seminars (admission-free seminars held by sponsors).

There will be a new category in this year's tutorial sessions, "Internet Business and Sociality." It will focus on the Internet's roles in our society. Engineers will also benefit from attending, as it will provide essential information regarding social phenomena.

"Special Sessions" is another feature this year. "Web Accessibility" is a lecture that will address Web site creation that allows anybody to access necessary information regardless of his or her physical abilities or use environment. It is a totally new theme for Internet Week, and its admission will be set at half that of general tutorials, with the aim of encouraging the participation of many people.


As part of JPNIC's educational activities, it is important to promote and smoothly operate Internet Week as host organization. Internet Week is an event for which JPNIC should take the initiative in terms of relating to each community.

We sincerely hope for active participation in Internet Week, as well as continued understanding and cooperation. Also, we will continue to serve to make the event better and more helpful, to further encourage participation.


Date: December 18 (Mon.) to 21 (Thu.), 2000
Venue: Osaka International Convention Center
Host: Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
Co-host Organizations
Japan Engineering and Planning Group on IP (JEPG/IP)
Japan Unix Society (jus)
Internet Association of Japan (IAJ)
Japan Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (JPCERT/CC)
Japan Network Operators' Group (JANOG)
Nihon sun User Group (NSUG)
Japan Linux Association (JLA)
Steering Group of Global IPv6 Summit in Japan
Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA)
Japan Network Security Association (JNSA)
URL: http://iw2000.nic.ad.jp/
Programs Beginners' Tutorials (5 sessions)
Tutorials (21 sessions)
Main Programs (16 sessions)
BOFs (7 sessions)

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