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JPNIC Personal Information Protection Policy Japanese Page

Effective as of April 1, 2005

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

"Personal Information" in this Policy shall mean names, dates of birth, email addresses and other information that identifies specific individuals, provided to JPNIC by the individuals themselves or by third parties.

JPNIC may occasionally acquire Personal Information for the purpose of providing services via its website, managing IP addresses, operating mailing lists and other purposes that it may from time to time specify. If JPNIC intends to acquire Personal Information, it shall as far as possible specify the intended use that is to be made of the information and shall notify the individuals concerned of the intended use, etc. before acquiring such information as is necessary and appropriate.

2. Use of Personal Information

JPNIC shall use or share Personal Information it has acquired only for the purpose for which it has been acquired. If JPNIC plans to use or share Personal Information for any other purpose, it shall seek the permission of the individual concerned.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

Except as set out in the preceding paragraph, or unless required to do so by a warrant, etc. issued under applicable laws and regulations, JPNIC shall not disclose Personal Information it has acquired to a third party without the permission of the individual concerned.

4. Ensuring Security of Personal Information

JPNIC shall take such measures as are necessary and appropriate to prevent unauthorized access to or loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of Personal Information.

5. Access to and Amendment of Personal Information

Individuals who wish to access, amend or delete their own Personal Information acquired by JPNIC shall contact the relevant point of contact. After verifying the individual's identity, JPNIC shall comply with the request without delay, as far as is reasonably practicable.

6. Measures Regarding Handling of Personal Information by External Entities

JPNIC may occasionally entrust the acquisition or management of Personal Information to or share Personal Information with an external entity, within the scope of the purposes stated at the time of acquisition. In such cases, JPNIC shall take such measures as are necessary and appropriate to ensure that the entity to which the collection or management of Personal Information has been entrusted or with which Personal Information has been shared provides an adequate level of protection for Personal Information.

7. Compliance

JPNIC shall comply with all laws and regulations applicable to Personal Information and shall amend the measures described in the preceding articles as appropriate.

8. Revisions to this Personal Information Protection Policy

Revisions to this Personal Information Protection Policy shall be posted on this website.

9. Protection of Personal Information on Websites to Which JPNIC's Website Provides Links

JPNIC shall not be responsible for the treatment of Personal Information on websites operated by other businesses or individuals to which JPNIC's website provides links.


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