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1991-12-01 JNIC established office in the University of Tokyo Computer Center.
Implemented "Concerning Registration of JP Domain Names" document.
1992-06-08 IP address assignment and management services transferred to JNIC from Address Coordination Committee.
1993-04-09 JNIC reorganized as JPNIC, a membership organization composed of Internet service providers.
1993-05-29 First meeting of Steering Committee held.
1993-09-01 APNIC pilot project launched.
1993-11-01 Pilot project for IP address agent services by JPNIC member ISPs begun.
1993-12-01 Geographic type domain name experimental project begun.
1993-12-16 JPNIC delegated by InterNIC to manage reverse DNS name server for JPNIC-assigned address blocks.
1994-04-15 First issue of "JPNIC Newsletter" published.
1994-07-20 Started JPNIC Web information provision service.
1995-06-01 Application fees for IP addresses and JP domain names introduced.
1995-07-01 Introduced fee schedule for IP address assignment by agent ISPs.
1995-09-01 Pilot project for sub-allocation (IP address assignments smaller than Class C) begun.
1995-12-15 Office moved to Kanda-Surugadai (Mansui Bldg.).
1996-04-01 Full-scale operations for geographic type domain names begun.
1996-07-31 Number of JP domain name registrations exceeded 10,000.
1996-11-06 NE domain name introduced for network service providers.
1996-12-10 Abolished "third level uniqueness rule" for JP domain names.
Assignment of domain names that start with a number begun.
1997-03-31 Received official government recognition as non-profit organization.
1997-08-07 AS number assignment services transferred to JPNIC from JEPG/IP; operations begun.
1997-11-07 Meeting titled "New Developments in the Domain Name System - An Opportunity to Meet Members of the Interim Policy Oversight Committee (iPOC) to Discuss Policy and Legal Aspects of the New Top Level Domains" held.
1997-12-01 GR domain introduced for non-corporate entities.
1997-12-16~19 First "Internet Week" convened.
1998-02-06~08 Office moved to Kanda-Ogawamachi (Fuundo Bldg.).
1998-03-01 "Rules for JP domain name registration" took effect.
1999-02-01 ED domain name, for educational institutions, introduced.
1999-04-30 Began work in earnest on the Internationalized Domain Name project.
1999-05-26 Formally announced full commitment to IPv6.
1999-09-28 Number of JP domain name registrations exceeded 100,000.
1999-12-14~18 "The Third Internet Week" held, of which JPNIC became the primary sponsor.
2000-01-20 Agent Services for IPv6 Sub-TLA applications to APNIC begun.
2000-07-13 Distribution of beta version of Multilingual Domain Name evaluation kit (mDNkit) begun.
2000-07-13~17 Hosted ICANN Yokohama Meeting.
2000-07-18~21 INET2000 held, with JPNIC as major sponsor.
2000-08-22 Entered into agreement with the Industrial Property Arbitration Center (now the Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center) to be a JP domain name dispute resolution service provider.
2000-10-19 "JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy" took effect
2000-12-26 Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS) established.
2001-02-22 Registration of general use JP domain names begun.
2001-04-01 New membership structure introduced.
IP Address Management Agent system introduced.
2001-07-25 First meeting of the Policy Advisory Council, successor to the Steering Committee, held.
2001-09-14 "JPNIC News & Views," a new mail magazine, introduced.
2001-09-22~24 Office moved to Uchi-Kanda (Kokusai-Kougyou-Kanda Bldg.)
2001-10-23 First ICANN Reporting Session held.
2001-12-06 First JPNIC Open Policy Meeting held.
2002-02-27 JPRS and ICANN entered into ".JP ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement."
2002-04-01 JP domain name registration and management functions transferred to JPRS.
Activities relating to Internet security commenced.
2002-06-03 Awarded MPHPT Minister's Award for "Info-Communications Promotion Month 2002."
2002-07-01 New IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy implemented. JPIRR trial services begin.
2002-08-23 JPIRR trial services begun.
2002-09-3-6 Acted as local host of the 14th APNIC Open Policy Meeting.
2002-10-18 Logo mark for JPNIC members created.
2002-12-13 "Next Generation Task Force" created.
2003-01-01 Number of JP domain name registrations exceeded 500,000.
2003-04-23 First Hostmaster Consultation Session held.
2003-05-12 Pages for use of members created within the JPNIC Web.
2003-05-23 Report issued by The ENUM Study Group, the secretariat of which was supported by JPNIC.
2003-07-07 First JPNIC,JPCERT/CC Security Seminar 2003 held.
2003-09-17 Inauguration of "ENUM Trial Japan," the secretariat of which was jointly supported by JPNIC and JPRS.
2004-03-19 Launched provider independent address assignment service.
2004-05-12 First debriefing meeting of ENUM Trial Japan held.
2004-07-01 JP domain name registry data escrow transferred to tripartite system.
2004-08-18 IP address fee structure revised.
2004-08-20 Internet Governance Task Force (IGTF) established.
2004-11-15 New resource management system launched.
2004-12-01 "VoIP/SIP System Interoperability Task Force" established. (Joint secretariat: JPNIC/MRI)
2005-01-26 First IGTF Reporting Session held.
2005-02-18~25 Served as a local host of APRICOT 2005.
2005-03-22 Separated WHOIS system from JPRS (.jp registry).
2005-05-16 Localized IPv6 address resource service.
2005-06-17 Shigeki Goto succeeded Jun Murai as President of JPNIC.
2005-08-05 Jun Murai, former president of JPNIC, received Jon Postel Award 2005.
2005-09-01 Experimental authentication service using JPNIC resource service CA (certification authority) in IP address services started.
2005-10-20 JPNIC-JPCERT/CC Security Seminar 2005 held in Osaka.
2005-11-08 JPNIC-JPCERT/CC Security Seminar 2005 held in Sapporo.
2006-01-24 Implemented partial reduction of IPv6 allocation fee
2006-01-25 Started Japan ENUM Trial using E.164 numbers beginning with Japanese country code 81.
Started route6 object registration in the JPIRR test service.
2006-04-03 Released report on "Recommendations on preparing for IPv4 address depletion"
2006-04-17~21 Hosted SIPit18 (18th SIP Interoperability Tests) held for first time in Japan.
2006-04-27 Co-hosted the first session of IETF Forum Japan 2006.
2006-08-01 Officially launched the JPIRR service
2006-12-05~08 The 10th Internet Week held
2007-03-07 4-byte AS number assignment service started.
2007-03-26 IPv6-based web and WHOIS service started.
2007-06-01 Amended "JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (JP-DRP)" and "Rules for the JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy" went into effect.
2007-06-15 Formal statement on IPv4 address inventory depletion in Internet Registries issued.
2007-07-31 Number of registered maintainer objects in JPIRR Service topped 100.
2007-12-07 Research paper "Study Report on the IPv4 Address Space Exhaustion Issue (Phase I)" published.
2007-12-17 Service trial on authorization mechanism in JPIRR Service started.
2008-02-08 Started IPv6 portable assignment service for small multi-homed networks.
2008-03-04 Cumulative number of registered .JP Domain Names exceeded 1,000,000.
2008-04-30 JPNIC board of trustees expressed concern about "Legislation of restriction to youth's Internet use" by several diet members.
2008-05-21 Started experiment on notifying route hijacks.
2008-09-29 Officially started authentication using JPNIC resource service CA for IP address management agents.
2008-10-28 IPv6 access supported in web-based resource management system for LIRs.
2009-03-11 Completed collection of untapped historical PI(Provider Independent) addresses.
2009-05-18~22 Hosted SIPit24 (24th SIP Interoperability Tests) held for second time in Japan.
2009-07-31 Started confirmation about AS numbers without active contacts.
2009-09-25 Joined Japan Internet Domain Name Council(JIDNC).
2010-03-23 Confirmation on holders of historical AS numbers completed.
2010-04-19 Officially started authentication using JPNIC resource service CA for IP address management agents.
Option of personal name un-displaying in Whois introduced.
2010-07-26 Distribution method of IPv6 address simplified.
2010-10-12 Japan Internet Domain Name Council (JIDNC) appointed JPRS to the the registry of Japanese IDN ccTLD.
2011-02-03 IANA's free pool of IPv4 address space depleted.
2011-04-15 Exhaustion of APNIC's IPv4 address pool and post-exhaustion address management policy took effect in JPNIC.
2011-06-16 Revised again IP address and AS number fee structure.
2011-08-01 Started the IPv4 address transfer request process.
2011-12-01 20th anniversary from JNIC establishment.
2011-12-05 Started IPv4-IPv6 testbed for everyone.
2012-04-01 Started new IP address and AS number fee structure.
2012-06-15 Approval of juridical personality change at 47th JPNIC General Meeting by legal regulation change.
2012-08-27 Office moved to Uchi-Kanda (Urbannet-Kanda Bldg.)
2012-11-02 JPNIC submitted comments about revising ITRs to ITU.
2013-04-01 Juridical Personality Change Caused by Legal Regulation Change
2013-07-01 Mr. Haruhisa Ishida and Dr. Jun Murai Inducted into 2013 INTERNET HALL OF FAME
2013-08-13 JPNIC Submits Comments to ITU's Council Working Group on International Internet-related Public Policy Issues (CWG-Internet)
2013-09-06 JPNIC Publishes "The Internet Timeline" as an Output of Its History Compilation Project
2013-12-06 ID and Password Authentication on IP Address Management Business Abolished
2013-12-16 MoU Singed by VNNIC and JPNIC
2014-01-21 JPNIC Initiatives against New gTLD's Name Collision Issues
2014-02-20 JPNIC Technical Seminar - IPv6, DNS, Routing and Network Security
2014-04-09 Dr. Masaki Hirabaru Inducted into 2014 INTERNET HALL OF FAME
2014-07-24 IGCJ (Intenet Governance Conference Japan) Established
2014-10-01 JPNIC Starts Experimental Public ROA Cache Server to Enable RPKI Origin Validation
2014-11-17 "History of Internet Resources Management in Japan" Published as Web Version
2015-03-03 JPNIC Starts Pilot RPKI Service
2015-04-07 Nic.ad.jp Signed with DNSSEC
2015-05-07 JPNIC and JPRS Publish "History of Internet Resources Management in Japan - Focusing on Domain Name and IP Address".
2015-07-13 JPNIC Starts Pilot Blog
2015-09-01 Tech Seminar in Takamatsu
2015-11-09 DNSSEC Introduction to Reverse DNS
2015-12-21 JPNIC Starts IPv4 Transfers Listing Service
2016-08-05 30 Years Anniversary for .JP Delegation
2017-06-01 In Nagoya, the First of Internet Week Showcase Held
2017-07-01 Revised JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and Its Rules Now Active
2017-09-19 Shigeki Goto, President of JPNIC, Inducted into 2017 INTERNET HALL OF FAME
2018-04-12 Start Consideration for ICANN64 Local Host Committee Composition
2018-06-25 Deliver JPNIC's Recommendations to the Task Force on Digital Piracy
2018-07-02 JPIRR Starts Mirroring with Moscow Internet Exchange
2019-02-18 Expand Coverage of International Conference Participation Support Program
2019-03-09 ICANN Conference (ICANN 64 Kobe) Held in Japan for the First Time in 19 Years
2019-07-03 New Allocation from IPv4 Address Inventory Returned to JPNIC no Longer Available
2020-09-23 JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (JP-DRP) 20th Anniversary Symposium Held
2020-10-01 Revised JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and Its Rules Now Active
2020-11-03 JPNIC President Shigeki Goto (Professor Emeritus, Waseda University) Receives the Order of the Sacred Treasure

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