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Contents of JPNIC Newsletter No.19 Japanese Page

1. Preface: Internet, Nerve Network of Society
-- Shigeki Gotou, Trustee of JPNIC
2. Japan Network Information Center General Meeting Reports
  2-1 The 11th Generarl Meeting Report (Extraordinary Meeting)
2-2 Report on the 12th General Meeting (Extraordinary General Meeting) of the Japan Network Information Center
3. Special Feature: General-Use JP Domain Names
3-1 General-Use JP Domain Names and JRRS
3-2 Domain Name Service and Schedule
3-3 The mDNkit
4. JPNIC Information
4-1 Changes in the Membership System
4-2 Designated IP Address Administrators
4-3 Management of Functional Type (organizational type) and Geographic Type Domain Names by Domain Name Registration Partner
4-4 Request for update of registered database information
4-5 Activity Report: December 2000 through March 2001
4-6 Latest Press Releases
5. Hot Topics
5-1 Internet Week 2000 Report
5-2 Distribution of the mDNkit 1.3 Starts
5-3 Update Regarding RFC-JP Web Publication
5-4 JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (JP-DRP)
6. JPNIC Steering Committee Report
7. JPNIC Q and A (Added and Modified)(Japanese Only)
8. Opinions and Suggestions for JPNIC
8-1 E-mail Contact Address
8-2 Mailing Lists
8-3 Suggestions and Complaints to JPNIC
9. English Page
9-1 Contents of JPNIC Newsletter No.19
9-2 The Explanation of graphs
9-3 Statistical Reports

Back numbers of the JPNIC Newsletters may be ordered by payment of postage costs. We have issued the Newsletter from No.1 through 18. However, please ote that photocopies of Issues 1, 2 and 3 will be provided due to lack of stock.

For orders of 5 copies or less, please send an A4 return envelope, with postage stamps affixed for the appropriate amount as indicated below, to the address at the bottom of this section. Please enclose your name and address, and indicate the issue number(s) and quantity you wish to order.

Postage is as follows:

1-2 : 390 yen / copy
1-5 : 700 yen / copy

Orders for 6 or more copies will be sent COD by delivery service. Please send your order by post or fax, to the address or fax number at the bottom of this section. Enclose your name and address, and indicate the issue number(s) and quantity you wish to order.

Please send any inquiries regarding the JPNIC Newsletter to:

JPNIC web site : http://www.nic.ad.jp/

JPNIC Newsletter No.19 (30th March 2001)
A Publication of Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
Fuundo Bldg. 1F, 1-2 Kanda-Ogawamachi
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-5297-2311
FAX: +81-3-5297-2312
Edited by: JPNIC Information Providing Service Working Group and JPNIC Secretariat
Printed by: Morimoto Printing, Inc.
Produced by:Anyway, Inc.

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