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3-2 Domain Name Service and Schedule

3-2-1 Registration Contact

For the existing functional (organizational)- and geographical-type JP domain names, registration service is provided via JPNIC and its designated service providers as in the past.

Registration applications for the general-use JP domain names are received by JPRS via its designated service providers as a general rule. The list of relevant providers is found at the following URL: http://jprs.jp/

3-2-2 Schedule

April Preliminary DNS and WHOIS service (until May)
Start of simultaneous registration application (12:00 noon)
Mid-April Notification of successful applicants for prioritized registration application
April 23 End of simultaneous registration application (12:00 noon)
May 7 Start of regular DNS, WHOIS services
Start of first-come, first-served basis registration application
End May Notification of successful registrants for simultaneous registration service

3-2-3 Notification of Successful Registrants for prioritized registration Application Period (February 22 - March 23, Noon)

Successful domain name registrants will be chosen from applications made during the prioritized registration period. Selection will be based on the following:

First phase: As per priority order

Second phase: If multiple applications for one domain name have the identical character string, the registrant will be chosen by way of lottery.

Domain names for which applications have been submitted during the prioritized registration period may not be submitted during the simultaneous registration period (April 2, Noon, through April 23, Noon).

3-2-4 Simultaneous Registration Application

Domain name registration service is, in principle, provided on a first-come, first-served basis (of applications) worldwide. However, if the same rule were to be applied to this new service launch, a large number of applicants may apply in droves at the moment of service commencement, resulting in huge confusion. In order to forestall such a problem for applications for General Use JP domain name registration, what we call the Simultaneous Registration Application Period will be set up from noon, April 2, to noon, April 23, 2001, prior to commencement of the regular registration service.

Domain names applied for during the Simultaneous Registration Application Period will not be assigned until the end of the period. If multiple applications with an identical character string are made for a single domain name, one registrant will be chosen via lottery. This means that all applications made in this period will be treated as having been submitted simultaneously, irrespective of the chronological order of actual application. There should be no need for hasty registration. However, many applications may be submitted at the beginning and toward the end of the service period.

3-2-5 First-come, First-served Registration Application

Starting May 7, 2001, the registration service for general-use JP domain names will be provided on first-come, first-served basis.

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