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5-1 Internet Week 2000 Report

Internet Week 2000 was held at the Osaka International Convention Center

(Grand Cube Osaka) from Monday, December 18 through Thursday, December 21, 2000. In this section, we will report on the event, focusing on the major programs hosted by JPNIC.

5-1-1 Event Outline

This year was the fouth Internet Week. Despite the fact that the event was held only on weekdays, it was a great success, with a four-day total of 7,000 participants. The structure of the programs was the same as in previous years.

  • Tutorials
  • Major programs, including the IP Meeting
  • Sponsor-presented solutions seminars
  • BOF

One of this year's characteristics was the inclusion of less-technical themes in tutorials, such as "Internet Business and Society." Also, the "IPv6 Global Summit" was simultaneously held, which helped give the event a global atmosphere.

The Internet Week is steadily growing from year to year as an event recognized by society, as can be seen from the fact that, in addition to increased press coverage, there were more than 20 sponsors. The expansion of this event, from 1990's small "IP Meeting'90" with approximately 40 participants, to a large-scale event held by a number of groups, was affected by the Internet's rapid growth.

The following sections contain summations of JPNIC's major programs. The programs whose subject were general-use JP domain names received a great deal of attention, reflecting the current trend.


Date: December 19, 2000, 14:00 to 16:30

Participants: approx. 100


  • Multilingual domain names
    • IETF Reports
    • JAPANESE.com and JAPANESE.jp
    • Status of overseas registration of multilingual domain names
    Explanations of multilingual domain name-related matters, such as the ACE system, which is most likely to be adopted by the IETF; technical details of JAPANESE.jp and implementation schedule; current situation regarding multilingual domain names in China and Korea; the ACE system provided a short-term solution of technical problems.
  • New TLDs
    Schedule for introduction of new TLDs, such as .biz and .info; points to be discussed at the DNSO-WG; and the upcoming schedule were reported.

JPNIC does not usually post opinions to the mailing list; however, in this face-to-face meeting, JPNIC staff members spoke and sometimes expressed their true views. Discussions were very active.

Please refer to the following URL for the materials used in this meeting.
http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/materials/domain-talk/200012/index.html (Japanese Only)

5-1-3 IP-USERS

Date: December 20, 2000, 9:30 to 12:30

Participants: approx. 100


  • What is APNIC?
  • APNIC-Open-Policy-Meeting report
  • Panel discussion: What should resource management be?

As JPNIC's first attempt, a panel discussion was held with the theme of "What Should Resource Management Be?" A variety of panelists that included members of ASOAC (Address Supporting Organization Address Council), APNIC, JPNIC, and LIR (Local Internet Registry), as well as end-users gathered. LIRs and end-users raised questions about IP address assignment and each participant gave frank opinions. One well-voiced opinion was that "Public hearings or other such meetings should be organized, where views on IP address allocation and assignment policies can be exchanged."

Please refer to the following URL for the materials used in this meeting. (Japanese Only)
http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/materials/ip-users/200012/index.html (Japanese Only)

A report on this meeting was given at the Address Policy SIG (Special Interest Group) held in Malaysia in March 2001. Please refer to the materials used in this meeting at the following URL.

"IP users (open policy meeting in Japan) reports"

5-1-4 Overview of The New JP Domain Names

Date: December 19, 2000, 9:30 to 12:30

Participants: approx. 100


  • What is the new JP domain name?
  • What is the difference between the new JP domain name and the existing ones?
  • DRP (Dispute Resolution Policy) and other issues

Priority registration applications for general-use JP domain names have been accepted by JPRS (Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd.) since February 22, 2001. The subject of this seminar was a timely one, as it took place just before the start of this service. Participants seemed to be very interested in the birth of new domain names, that are different than previous types; questions and answers were actively made, especially about priority registration applications.

5-1-5 DNS Meeting: General-Use JP Domain Names and DNS

Date: December 19, 2000, 9:30 to 12:30

Participants: approx. 300


  • General-Use JP Domain Names
    • Technical explanations of Japanese domain names and effects of their introduction
  • Recent DNS trends
    • Trends of BIND 9
    • DNS in IPv6
    • DNSSEC
  • Operational status of route servers
  • Panel discussion

This was the first program to reach the maximum number of participants; because of this, the meeting place was changed to a larger one and the number of participants increased. Moreover, a long line formed in front of the reception desk from early in the day. We could feel that participants had great expectations for this program.

We scheduled a sufficient amount of question and answer time for each item, and the meeting was filled with a vibrant atmosphere in which participants could speak freely. We strongly felt that we should hold this kind of meeting periodically in the future, as part of JPNIC's mission.

5-1-6 Conclusion

This was the second Internet Week for which JPNIC was the event's organizer and was in charge of event operations. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of the participants and all others involved with the event.

Completion of a questionnaire was requested of all participants. We have placed the results on the JPNIC Web site for the first time. Please refer to it at the following URL.

http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/materials/iw/2000/enquete/index.html (Japanese Only)

With your opinions and comments, we hope to make future events even more meaningful.

5-1-7 Internet Week 2001

Date: Tuesday, December 4 to Friday, December 7, 2001 (tentative)

Location: Pacifico Yokohama

We hope to have as many participants as possible.

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