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5-3 Update Regarding RFC-JP Web Publication

The RFC-JP Web page was introduced in November, 2000, with 8 initial RFCs translated into Japanese and made available on-line: RFC2050, RFC2142, RFC2223, RFC2374, RFC2375, RFC2671, RFC2672 and RFC2673. We are now translating RFC2279, RFC2472, RFC2732, RFC2781, RFC2870, RFC2874, RFC2928 and RFC2978 into Japanese, and expect them to be available on-line in March.

The following articles have also been included on the Web site: an explanationof IETF by Mr. Ezaki, an assistant professor at Tokyo University's Information Technology Center (ITC); and an introduction to RFCs written by Mr. Uo, of the Japan Advanced Institution of Science and Technology. The former article is in its final form, and we plan to update the latter periodically.

We charted the results received as of February 23 of the Web questionnaire that asked "What category of RFC do you want to read?" and put the chart online. The most desired category was "TCP/IP-related Technology," at 20%. It cannot be considered the overwhelming first choice, as "Nothing Special" was second at 15%, and "Security-related Technology" followed at 10%. We also asked respondents to mark numbers of RFC that should be translated into Japanese. However, no single RFC received more than 1 or 2 votes. Therefore, we are thinking to simply translate them in no particular order, without regard to category.


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