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6 JPNIC Steering Committee Report Japanese Page

The Steering Committee discusses activity reports of the Secretariat and Working Groups; deliberates and approves projects planned by Working Groups; and discusses various other issues.

Meetings are held monthly at the JPNIC Secretariat meeting room. For further details regarding the schedule, please refer to the following URL:

Meeting schedule page:

Anyone may attend and observe a meeting if the topics to be discussed are open to the public. If you wish to attend, please contact the JPNIC Secretariat (secretariat@nic.ad.jp).

Here, we would like to introduce selected discussions and resolutions from the 44th and 45th meetings.

6-1 44th JPNIC Steering Committee Report

Reports included: the largest-ever ICANN annual meeting; enrollment in APTLD; the current status of JP domain name dispute resolution; Internet Week 2000; Web publication of RFC-JPs; creation of a historical chronology of the Internet; activities to improve IP address allocation and assignment; plans for an IP-USERS meeting; release of mDNkit 1.2; progress of a Japanese character domain name operational test; and acquisition of a general-use JP domain names using a personal name.

The following topics were the subject of deliberation: newsletter policy; continuation of ISOC membership; and JPNIC sponsorship of APRICOT.

6-2 The 45th Steering Committee Meeting

Reports included: business plan proposals for the next fiscal year; the ICANN Pressing Issues Working Group; revision of existing JP domain name rules; the current status of JP domain name dispute resolution; reserved domain names; status of the historical chronology of the Internet; Internet Week 2000; activities to improve IP address allocation and assignment; the IP-USERS meeting; the work entrusting contract; IP address registration fees; replacement of WHOIS system; countermeasures against advertising e-mail that falsely state that they are provided by JPNIC; release of the mDNkit 1.2.1 and its future development schedule; publication of documents related to general-use JP domain names; and announcements of priority registration application.

Four topics were the subject of deliberation: business plans for fiscal year 2001; definitions of a non-profit member; revision and publication of IP address-related documents; and revised budgets.

Please refer to the following URL for details of the steering committee's materials.
http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/materials/committee/ (Japanese Only)

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